6 Stamps on my Passport – Thanks to Tanee Travels

Tanee Travels has booked so many trips for me that I’ve lost count! My most recent trip planned by Tanee Travels that I’m currently on is my France trip. I’ve been wanting to take this trip for years and I had such a time trying to organize it myself, so I connected with Tanee Travels and the trip was planned within a weeks time! All I had to do was pay, which I was ecstatic about. Since I’ve been here, I’ve done so many excursions and visited so many cool places. I’ve enjoyed myself so much that I extended my trip here in Europe and had another trip planned to Portugal, courtesy of Tanee Travels. I love the efficiency and the professionalism of this company. Not to mention the cost! I came to Tanee Travels with no budget and no limitations and with what I was presented for the cost I was blown away. My first thought was, “I could have taken this trip a hundred times over!” I am so grateful for this company and I will continue to book Tanee Travels to plan my future trips. I give this company a 5 star rating!